API 40 Watt Pond Breather


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The API Pond Breather moves water above a pond's ice layer to exchange harmful gases built up from fish wast and decomposing plant matter for fresh oxygen. Instead of making a small hole in the ice like most de-icers, the Pond Breather is designed to freeze into the ice completely. Just enough heat is added to keep the water flow open inside the exchange chamber. It aerates more than 4,000 times the water surface than pond de-icers on a daily basis. The Pond Breather creates a gentle current that moves oxygen through the water. Extends 8" above the ice to counteract doming, and 13" below, working in ice as thick as 15". Safe from power interruption - the Pond Breather thaws itself and restarts in a short time after a power outage.
40 watts, 120 Volts, 15-foot cord
One year manufacturer warranty