Baskerville Ultra Treat-Friendly Muzzle

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The Baskerville Ultra Muzzle is not just for managing aggression. Today's muzzles are used to aid in socialization of rescue dogs, groomer safety and general control. Designed with comfort and fit in mind, even on shorter nose breeds such as Boxers, the Baskerville Ultra allows dog to eat, drink and pant at all times. Malleable rubber can be heated in warm water then reshaped for optimal comfort fit for your dog. 

Features overhead security strap and collar attachment loop. Soft neoprene padded lining, pre-holed webbing for quick, secure use. 
Available in 3 sizes
Size 3 - 3 inch length, 11 inch circumference
Size 4 - 4 inch length, 12 inch circumference
Size 5- 5 inch length, 14 inch circumference