Bovi-Shield Gold 5

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Bovi-Shield GOLD 5 boasts the longest demonstrated respiratory protection available. For the vaccination of healthy cattle as an aid in preventing IBR (Infectious bovine rhinotracheitis) and BVD (Bovine Viral Diarrhea).
Bovi-Shield GOLD 5 may be administered to pregnant cattle provided they were vaccinated, with any Bovi-Shield GOLD FP or PregGuard GOLD FP vaccine within the past 12 months. Bovi-Shield GOLD 5 may also be administered to calves nursing pregnant cows provided their dams were vaccinated within the past 12 months as described above.
Dosage Information: 2 mL - Heifers should receive second dose approximately 30 days prebreeding.
Bovi-Shield GOLD 5 is a freeze-dried preparation of modified live virus (MLV) strains of IBR, BVD (Types 1 and 2), PI3, and BRSV viruses, plus a sterile diluent used to rehydrate the freeze-dried vaccine. Viral antigens are propagated on established cell lines.