Corona Multipurpose Ointment


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Trusted care for minor cuts, sores and burns for more than 100 years, Corona Multi-Purpose First Aid Ointment creates an excellent barrier against insects, moisture, and dirt. The thick, lanolin-based ointment soothes irritated skin, prevents drying or cracking and stays in place to provide continuous wound protection while promoting healing. Award-winning formula-Voted by the Horse Journal as their horse wound care treatment of choice for 20 years and counting! Helps promote healing of minor wounds. Can be safely applied to horses, cattle, dogs and cats with no gloves. A staple in livestock wound kits - no barn should be without it.


Available in 7 ounce tube, 14 ounce tub or 36 ounce tub
Active Ingredients: lanolin 30% and oxyquinoline 0.11%