Farnam Repel-Xpe Emulsifiable Fly Spray


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Farnam Repel-X Insecticide and Repellent Spray is now available in a concentrated formula with Repel-Xpe. Kills and repels biting and bloodsucking flies (horn, house, stable, horse and deer), gnats, mosquitoes and ticks, including those that may transmit Lyme Disease.

Available in 16 and 32 Ounce Bottles 
Dilution: Mix fresh solution before each use.
For Horn and House flies, gnats and mosquitoes use a 1 to 7 parts dilution.
For Horse, stable, and deer flies or for ticks and deer ticks use a 1 to 4 parts dilution.
Do not apply more than once per day.
Active Ingredients: Prallethrin - .27% and Piperony Butoxide - 1%