Head Gate Model 30 & 30TW Manual

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These are made to handle small calves or the largest bull. There are parallel opening doors with a low step over. It closes down to 3'' for small calves and will latch up to 18''. This model will move dirt and manure each time it opens to prevent build up or the door jamming. The doors fully open to have a wider exit for the animal. 

Model 30:

Height: Gate Opening- 60''; Overall- 69''

Width: Gate Opening Top- 27''; Gate Bottom- 20'' Overall- 62''

Step Over: 5.5''

Closes To: 3''

Weight: 225 lbs. 

Model 30TW:

Height: Gate opening 66" Overall 85"

Width: Gate Opening Top 31.5" Gate Opening Middle 29" Gate Bottom 26.25" Overall width w/handle open 67"

Step Over: 5.5" 

Closes to: 4"

Weight:290 lbs.