Mite-Away Quick Strips


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Mite Away Quick Strips are for treatment of Honey Bee hives infested with Varroa Mites. Kills adult Varroa mites and up to 95% of the Varroa under the cappings of your hive, but won't harm bees. Plant-based gel containing formic acid composes the core of the strips. Easily fits in the space between hive parts, making it easy to apply. Two strips per hive is recommended.
Four strips per package
Active Ingredient: Formic Acid - 46.7%
Application options: 7 day treatment- apply 2 strips for 7 days or 21 day treatment - apply 1 strip for 7 days and a second strip for the following 14 days for a total of 21 days of treatment
EPA REG. NO. 75710-2