Moen's Mouse-Mix

Feeders Grain and Supply Inc.

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 Mouse-Mix comes in three different sizes! 1#, 2#, and 3#

Moen’s Mouse-Mix is a mouse deterrent that really works! It is not a poison It is non-toxic to children and pets. Thus, there are no dead mice to dispose of. There are no unpleasant surprises of finding dead mice after they have begun to decompose…or worse yet, have them decomposing somewhere in your home out of reach behind walls.

 Moen’s Mouse-Mix is baked-in & made with 100% natural, non-poisonous spices & oils. The ingredients act to burn and disrupt a mouse’s sensory organs (nose, eyes, and throat). Therefore, it has an effect much like tear gas on mice and they will vacate. One container of Moen’s Mouse-Mix will last 3-4 months in effective strength. We recommend that indoor ventilated areas should be retreated with new product at about the 3-month stage. If objects (campers, sheds, and cabins) are locked up with no air circulation, such as winter storage of campers and closing up cabins…the product will last 6 months (all winter)!

 A mouse can easily fit into a hole the size of a pencil’s eraser. There is honestly no way anyone can completely stop mice from entering a home, garage, camper, etc. …But using Moen's Mouse-Mix makes them leave!