Sullivan's Revive Lite


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REVIVE LITE is specifically formulated with extra light cosmetic grade oils. This product was created to feature the same great conditioning. When the hair coat becomes thinner and lighter oils are preferred. With the purest of oils, the hair will not glob or stick together. It actually does the opposite creating an added lift to the hair with more separa-tion, giving the hair a thicker look.
Use once the animal has been washed and blown completely dry. Coat the entire body evenly also on the legs, belly and tail head. Comb in, brush, blow dry and style hair like normal.
When applied, this new formula lightly coats and easily penetrates the hair and absorbs into the skin without clogging the pores. However with its lighter molecular structure, can actually penetrate deep into the cortex of the hair strand to infuse essential nutrients and lipids for the utmost moisturizing and hydrating properties.