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Feed Train

Feed Train Bulk Bins

Feed Train Bulk Bins

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The Feed Train 3 Ton Mobile Bulk Bin features a 6250 Lb. Shelled Corn Capacity, 2 easy View sight windows, Easy open Lid, Internal Feed Gate, Automatic Feed Gate Lock, Full 3/16" formed frame with 2-3500 Lb. axles, full spring suspension with equalizers, fenders as standard equipment, removable ladder with safety loop at top, fully weatherproof, also has a variety of add on features available, and can be towed at full capacity.

The Feed Train 3 Ton Stationary Bulk Bin has all the same features as the Mobile 3 Ton Bin in a stationary form. The Bins are mounted on a formed 3/16" frame with 3" pipe legs, and 6" x 8" pads with anchoring holes.

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