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Tuf Foot

Tuf Foot

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Tuf-Foot ensures your dog's feet are always adventure-ready. It toughens and protects soft, sore, and tender paws and pads, allowing your dog to comfortably assist in hunts, pull sleds, or simply enjoy their playtime in the yard. Recommended by both sporting and big game hunters, Tuf-Foot provides remarkable results in healing sore paws, cut pads, and bruises within just a few days. It also prevents cracking and bleeding of your dog's pads.

However, Tuf-Foot isn't just for dogs. It's also a highly effective hoof hardener for horses. Regular hoof care is essential for a horse's overall health, and Tuf-Foot aids in the swift healing of stone bruising, thrush, hoof disease, sensitive frogs, close trimming, cuts, and abrasions.

For humans, Tuf-Foot works as a powerful tough skin spray. It strengthens the feet of athletes, hunters, and sportsmen, ensuring they can withstand any terrain or condition.

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